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KBM TECHNOLOGIES : The Powerful Resource In Educational Engineering.                    KBM TECHNOLOGIES : The Powerful Resource In Educational Engineering.

  The Powerful Resource In Educational Engineering.
 Digital Oscilloscope

*  150/100/70MHz Bandwidths
*  1GSa/s Real-Time Sample Rates Maximum, 25GSa/s Equivalent-Time
*  2Mega Points Record Length
*  2mV~10V Vertical Scale
*  1ns~50s Horizontal Range
*  Up to 27 Automatic Measurements
*  Math Function Including "+", "-", "x", "FFT", "FFTrms", "Zoom FFT"
*  5.7" TFT LCD Display
*  USB Host and Device Interface Supported
*  Go/NoGo Function
*  Data Logger
*  Limited Lifetime Warranty


Function Generator

*  0.1Hz to 5/12/25 MHz with in 1Hz Resolution
*  Sine, Square, Triangular, Noise and Arbitrary Waveform
*  20MSa/s Sampling Rate, 10 bit Vertical Resolution and 4k Point Memory
    forArbitrary Waveform
*  1% ~ 99% adjustable duty cycle for Square Waveform
*  Waveform Parameter Setting Through Numeric Keypad Entry & Knob
*  Amplitude, DC Offset and Other Key Setting Information Shown on the
   3.5” LCD Screen Simultaneously
*  AM/FM/FSK Modulation, Sweep, and Frequency Counter Functions
   (AFG-2100 only)
*  USB Device Interface for Remote Control and Waveform Editing
*  PC Arbitrary Waveform Editing Software

DC Power Supply

*  2/3/4 Independent Isolated Output
*   Four "3 Digits" LED Displays
*  0.01% Load and Line Regulation
*  Low Ripple and Noise
*  Tracking Operation and Auto Series/Parallel Operation
*  Output ON/OFF Switch
*  Output Voltage and Current Setting When Output Disable
*  Fan Speed Control Circuit to Minimize Fan Noise
*  Over Load and Reverse Polarity Protection
*  Optional European Jack Type Terminal

Digital Multimeter


*  8 Functions AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Capacitance,
   Diode Test and Audible Continuity Beeper
*  High Voltage 1000V and 20A Current Range
*  0.5% Basic DCV Accuracy
*  LCD Display

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