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KBM TECHNOLOGIES : The Powerful Resource In Educational Engineering.                    KBM TECHNOLOGIES : The Powerful Resource In Educational Engineering.

  The Powerful Resource In Educational Engineering.

 0­‐30V,0­‐2A DC Adjustable, AC/DC Fixed Power Supply


PS-30F02 is an ideal DC regulated power supply. It designed with compact size and easy operation to emphasize supporting in educational purpose such as Electrical, Electronic, Science in laboratory. It is a heavy duty operation, high performance power supply. Voltage and Current are constantly in any continuous load. It is possible to pre-set both as voltage and as current for limitation, to suite the circuit consumption requested. PS 30F02 designed with excellent electronic circuit to supply variety output voltage, especially auto protect against over load and short circuit and auto reset after disconnect the cause.

Technical Feature
DC Adjustable Output
*  DC Voltage Output 0–30V               :   COARSE, FINE (Volt Adjustable)
*  DC Current Output 0–2A                  :    COARSE, FINE (Amp Adjustable)
*  Loading Regulation                            :    0.5% , ±5mV
*  Line Regulation                                   :    0.5% , ±5mV
*  Ripple and Noise                                 :    5mV (RMS)
*  Output Voltage Analog Voltmeter    :    Class 2.0
*  Output Current Analog Ammeter      :    Class 2.0
DC Fixed Output
*  Output Fixed                          :    ±5V, ±12V, ±15V : 1A , ±1%
*  Protection DC Output           :    Over load and Short Circuit, Automatic Reset.
AC Output Fixed
*  Output Fixed                          :    5V, 10V, 12V, 15V, 20V, 24V : 1A
*  Protection AC Output           :    Fuse

Power Source                         :    220 Vac, 50 Hz
Accessories                            :    Power Cord 1 ea,
Dimensions & Weight          :    25.5 (W) x 14.5 (H) x 23.0 (D) cm , Approx. 8.2 kg.


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